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We have a highly skilled team of strategists, analysts, psychologists, UX,UI and product designers, researchers, process engineers, developers, conversational designers and content strategists.


We’ve adopted a disciplined approach to design thinking, systems thinking, and engineering psychology to solve our client’s complex problems.


Our measures for success impact the businesses we help through quantifiable metrics and realising value through ROI.

Why choose HumanInsights? 

We care about qualitatively transforming everyday human experiences through innovation.  We believe that the power of empathy can change the world. We build future-ready enterprises, processes, digital products and services on the foundation of empathy.


By so doing, we bridge the gap between system creators and people who use these platforms.  What’s the result? We build humane systems that transform digital experiences.


Increase customer satisfaction (using NPS and other metrics) through human-centred research by addressing customer pain points


Increase your ROI by improving the qualitative experiences that your customers have with your brand across the value chain.  The value of Human Centricity is felt in the bottom line, customer satisfaction and overall organisational efficiency in internal processes. 


Optimise business process to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Reduce waste and redundancy, while eliminating friction and transforming business processes. 


We follow a Change by Design methodology, which ensures that Change Management and adoption are an inherent part of the Design and Engineering process.


We create frameworks for organizations to re-imagine how they deliver products services to their customers, building from a customer centric perspective and aligning business goals to customer needs, through implementing design thinking principles


We recognize that innovation is driven by real needs and we build our processes around understanding the human motivation behind every challenge and opportunity, delivering innovative solutions that add value to human lives.

Meet our Leadership Team

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Nomonde Shezi

Managing Director &


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Edna Chelule

Managing Director &


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Matthew Wate

Head: Service Design & Innovation

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Sngaye Mkhize

Head: Design Operations

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