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Who we are? When a well-crafted manifesto makes you love going to work

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

The HumanInsights Africa Manifesto

We are thinkers, dreamers, hopeful.

We are Human Insights dot Africa.

Driven to make Africa African. To make humans People.

Insight begins when we create distance from our ways of thinking, and — for a moment — embrace someone else’s.




We ask questions and learn.

We listen and learn.

We explore and learn.

An elaborate African dance of discovery.

With your data, resources and customers, and our experts, tools and methodology, your business will not only be ready for the future but will also have a hand in designing and engineering the kind of future Africa needs.

And while our goal is to learn more about human behaviour, we’re the kind of partners who use insight as a catalyst to expand your digital presence, enhance your brand and simplify your processes — helping you create value that will grow your business, your people and our Africa.

What is it YOU need? What is it your PEOPLE need? What is it AFRICA needs?

Let’s explore, inspire, grow.


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