Humans evolve and you need to be always prepared -- we equip you with tools and methods to help you do this on your own.


We learn by doing, where we identify, and resolve problems in the field, where we understand the process of developing empathy for people we define as your customer, uncovering real human and business needs that need to be addressed.


Our bias is toward action, followed by reflection on personal discoveries about process. Experience engineering is an iterative process, where each iteration helps you uncover what you did not know on the previous one. Our method will help you to target what areas need waste reduction, automation and assistance quickly, showing you high returns on your workstreams.


Leverage our years of experience in mentoring and working in different South African organizations to help you build and manage a successful Experience design team, make the transition to an agile and user-centered culture, and al ign your organization to shared design principles that foster innovation.  We teach you how to think and do, while focusing on your day to day business. We won't take you away from your work.  We work with you in your work.


We love to learn with you, in your work, while we improve the work


Research in context
The Psychology of Design
Product & Service Design 
Human Factors Engineering
Measurement and Testing 
Experience Strategy 
Innovation for Social & economic development
Designing for emerging markets & technologies
The design of everyday - things