We do whatever IT takes, to design & engineer


Co-innovate with you to solve real problems and optimise processes


We ensure the delivery of a seamless experience across an evolving offering of products and services, building strong and long-lasting experience and customer relationships.  

Eliminate Waste and increase efficiency


 The elimination of waste is the first step towards creating efficiencies, and reducing friction at points where the customer is impacted. 

Strategise, for today, & the future


We define a vision for the evolution of your brand's products and services, identifying memorable moments that will differentiate your offering in the market.  We  then create an experience strategy for your business, to help guide strategic decisions while doing the work.  Our bias is towards action.

Learn to think & do, for & with your customer


We care about the sustainability of your business.  We help you build customer centricity into your key capabilities, by laveraging existing ones and building new ones.  In this way, you learn to lead for the future of your business, and get the right people in the right places to get the job done.

Assist & Automate


Customer Interactions are typically a mixture between physical activities and digital activities. 


We help you maintain your customer’s loyalty by  allowing you to do what humans  are best at doing. 




We work with you to automate the mundane and repetitive, so that you can  concentrate on managing your customer relationship.


We're are a group of Experience Strategists, Psychologists, Designers and Developers.  We adapt disciplined, thoughtful methods from Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Engineering Psychology to solve problems for you and your customer.


We zoom in on every opportunity for you to service your customer better, from processes, to sales, web and physical environments.


We promise to do whatever it takes, to delight your customer, whoever they are, wherever they are. We believe this is the story of success for organisations, and business for the future!

We love Africa!  The time has come, for African business to compete at global levels.  Our mission is to help African businesses to design products and services that allow them to compete on a global scale.


We believe firmly that human centered philosophy is the key to social and economic development  of the continent of the future.


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